IAE Small De-Horning Crate

915mm long, 380 mm wide, 1020mm high c/w wooden floor. Calves walk in and back out. Yoke arm in fixed front section has adjustable ratchet catches. Wooden head rest and rope restraint. Belly strap and backing up bar. Optional wheel and handles.

IEA Large De-Horning Crate

1185 mm long x 480 mm wide x 1195 mm high c/w wooden floor. Hinged back gate allows access all around the animal’s rear end. Calves walk in and exit via front gate. Wooden head rest and rope restraint. Belly strap, back up bar. Optional wheels and handles.

Ritchie Calf De-Horning Crate

The neck yoke is operated by single lever which automatically locks in any position and is silent. Hinged exit front door. Complete with belly band and rump strap. Good access for de-horning and castration.