Cattle Crushes

Crusader Crush Plus

The Crusader Plus is a more robust standard crush again ideal for TB testing at a basic level. Manual yoke with doors within the yoke to open for TB testing, rear gate, two removable bars each side to access the top of the animal, fully welded tread plate floor and sides. No lower side access. Pallet fork lift on the top. Galvanised finish.

Chieftain Squeeze Crush

The Chieftain Squeeze crush features a manually operated scissor action yoke with easy entry yoke bars which retract fully into the sides of the crush. The yoke aperture is adjustable either when open or when the animal is yoked. Fully opening front gates allow for extremely good access around the head area of the animal.

The squeeze panels operate quickly and quietly combined with the Chieftain or Saracen yoke, this squeeze crush enables the operator to perform tasks whilst keeping the animal calm and safe.

Chieftain Rotating Rump Bar Crush

This is a top of the range crush – the vets favourite – with its scissor yoke appearing from the sides the beast is yoked without knowing. The rotating rump is a firm favourite, it moves the beast forward in the crate with no going back. Two front doors each side to open, and rear side doors each side. Full front access all around the beast’s head. A Head scoop can be fitted either side of this premium crush. Fully welded tread plate floor. Pallet fork brackets on the top for transport. A full access version of this crush is available giving full access each side. Rear gate instead of the rotating rump bar.

Ritchie Mobile Cattle Crate 310G

Fully adjustable auto head yoke.
Fully sheeted sides with full access to both sides of the crate. Safe access to rear of the animal. Walkway fitted to race area. Hydraulic lift lower using tractor for power. Optional Head Scoop can be fitted.

Ritchie Continental Crate 339G

Fully auto yoke with reset facility. Easy adjustable head yoke from calves to bulls. Top and bottom access to both sides. Ratchet rump bar. Rear gate. Solid floor with ally tread plate. Head scoop can be fitted.

Ritchie Scissor Yoke 332G

Firm favourite. Scissor yoke. Fully adjustable from calves to bulls. Yoke bars rubber lined. Top and bottom access both sides. Full access front of animal. Head scoop can be fitted.