The Ritchie Stock Cube 320G

• Portable or fixed application.
• Easily handled by fork lift or pallet tines on handles
• Can transport up to 20 x 8’ (2.5 Mt) cattle hurdles
• Unique “Creeper” gate eliminates corner trap when operating main sweeper gate
• Operator is behind gates while in operation
• Proven successful with horned cattle
• 3350 long x 2450 wide x 2260 high when transporting

The IAE Rotex System

• Portable system supplied with its own carrying crate
Consists Of:
o Forcing gate with special lever operated bolt with noise reduction buffer and viewing gap
o 3 x Radius panels with central locking ratchet plates
o 1 x Frame with exit gate
o 3 x Support arches
o 1 x Race arch
o 2 x 2400 mm hurdles with viewing gaps
o 13 x Coupling rods
o 1 x purpose built crate for storage and handling with 3 point linkage pallet lift
Easily assembled with 2 people

IAE Portable Cattle Handling Starter Kit

Comprising of:
10 x 10’ 6 rail hurdles – 1500 high
15 x 20 mm Coupling rods
1 x 2’9” Race Arch
1 x 2’9” Race Arch complete with gate
1 x 5’2” Race Arch complete with gate

Ritchie Corral System

Comprising of:
10 x 10’ 6 rail hurdles – 1.62 high – skid plates on the feet
15 x connecting rods
1 x 760 mm race arch
2 x 1.52 Race Arches – complete with gates

IAE Saracen Yoke Gate in Frame

Self locking yoke ideal for end of race
Best for wild cattle
Head Scoop can be fitted.

IAE Chieftain Yoke Gate in Frame

Manual scissor yoke – a firm favourite with vets.
Best for dairy cattle – Head scoop can be fitted.

Sliding Gate in Race Arch

Ideal for use within race systems. Cuts the flow if access is required. Acts as a non return.

Access Kiosk

For use within race systems at rear of crush. Cuts the flow to give safe access to rear of cattle.

Cattle Hurdles

6 rail hurdles ideal for races and corrals.
Available in 7’, 8’, 10’ all 5′ high.
Various options of access. Diverter gates available to match the hurdles

Race Joining Arches

Used in portable systems where posts are not an option. Available with or without gates.
2’9” or 5’2” wide

Coupling Bars

20 mm coupling rods to join hurdles
Fixed cattle handling systems available – standard layouts or made to measure – railed or stockboard – curved corners available.